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What is the Cayston Access Program® (CAP)?

Trying to understand the complex world of healthcare reimbursement can be overwhelming. That's why Gilead has created the Cayston Access Program.

Libby, treated with CAYSTON

I worked with the Cayston Access Program when my insurance wasn't covering CAYSTON. They helped me so I did not have to interrupt treatment.”


Interested in the Cayston Access Program? Call 1-877-7CAYSTON.

The Cayston Access Program is a patient support program that assists you with information about and access to CAYSTON. It is not required that you fill out the Cayston Access Program enrollment forms to receive CAYSTON—your doctor can prescribe CAYSTON for you without going through the Cayston Access Program. However, the Cayston Access Program can provide you with information that may help make it easier for you to understand reimbursement options for CAYSTON.

cayston access program form

To enroll in CAP, an application must be completed with your physician. The preferred method of submission is to fax the full completed form to the Cayston Access Program at 1-877-550-1705. An electronic signature can also be submitted at

How the Cayston Access Program Can help you

The Cayston Access Program provides you with:

  • General Information—Our specialists can answer general questions you have about CAYSTON. CAP will also provide a welcome call for new patients to ensure they have received their CAYSTON and answer any questions as they get started
  • Insurance Verification—Our specialists can verify your health insurance benefits, assess your coverage for CAYSTON, help you through any prior authorization process, and help clarify any co-payment obligations you may have
  • Financial Assistance—If you are in financial need, our specialists can check to see if you qualify for our Patient Assistance Program and/or try to find other resources for you
  • Specialty Pharmacy Referral—The program provides contact information on the specialty pharmacies that stock CAYSTON and the ALTERA® Nebulizer System. Your healthcare provider can send your CAYSTON prescription to the Cayston Access Program. We will work with your selected specialty pharmacy to track your CAYSTON delivery
  • Claims Appeal Support—If your claim is denied, our specialists can help identify the reason. They can contact your insurance provider to get information about the appeal process and share information about the process

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