ALTERA® Nebulizer System | CAYSTON®

CAYSTON® is used with the quiet and portable ALTERA Nebulizer System

The ALTERA Nebulizer System is small, portable, and battery operated, allowing you to administer your CAYSTON quickly* and quietly throughout the day.

ALTERA Nebulizer

The ALTERA Nebulizer System gives you the flexibility to incorporate treatment into your daily routine. Four new standard AA batteries provide about 2 hours of treatment time. Rechargeable AA batteries may also be used. You should make sure to have an extra set of batteries at all times. The AC power supply provided is optional.

*This estimate does not include setting up, cleaning, and disinfecting your ALTERA nebulizing equipment.
Sam, treated with CAYSTON

I like having a battery-powered nebulizer; I can take it with me when I need to and I don't need an electric outlet to set up.”


important information about using the altera nebulizer system

  • Do not use any other nebulizer for your CAYSTON treatment
  • Do not use any medication other than CAYSTON in the ALTERA Nebulizer System
  • Use of drugs other than CAYSTON in the ALTERA Nebulizer System could result in potential incorrect dosage or overdoses of medication
  • Use of other drugs could clog the ALTERA Aerosol Head, which may cause nebulization of your CAYSTON treatment to be ineffective and shorten the useful life of the device
  • Do not mix CAYSTON with any other medicines in your ALTERA Nebulizer System. Mixing medicines could cause unexpected and unsafe drug interactions to occur.
  • Do not mix CAYSTON with saline until right before you are ready to use it
  • You should clean and dry each handset as soon as you are able to after treatment to reduce the risk of infection and help unclog the Aerosol Head to ensure proper operation. You may then batch disinfect all handsets at the end of the day.
  • Your nebulizer system will include a warranty card from the manufacturer (PARI). You can also find the warranty card here. It’s important to complete and submit the ALTERA warranty card to PARI so they can honor the 2-year limited warranty and additional 12-month extended warranty.

See the manufacturer's instructions for use that come with your ALTERA Nebulizer System, or click here to download a copy. You can also watch a video about how to use your ALTERA Nebulizer System here.

You will receive the ALTERA Nebulizer System and 2 ALTERA Handsets with your first shipment of CAYSTON. You will also receive an additional handset with each subsequent refill of CAYSTON.

If you need to replace your ALTERA Nebulizer System or if you want to obtain a second unit, consider looking into the ALTERA Co-Pay Coupon Program.

Learn How to Clean and Disinfect your ALTERA Nebulizer System